Ensuring that people have sufficient access to nutritious, sustainable, and diverse food while at the same time conserving and enhancing agricultural biodiversity is an increasingly critical goal worldwide. To achieve this, understanding the relationships between food security/sovereignty and agrobiodiversity is critical to developing sustainable agroecosystems and food systems. At the same time, new techniques and tools, from participatory action research to citizen science to the use of “big data” have the potential to transform our ability to examine, describe, and reshape agricultural landscapes. Our May workshop is focused on a vision of agroecosystems and food systems where farmers, citizens, consumers, scientists, and decision-makers collaborate to evaluate, understand, monitor, and manage the links between biodiversity and food security. We want to collectively envision a research/action agenda for the next 5-10 years around the intersections of agrobiodiversity and food security.

Key questions include:

  1. How do we assess, measure, and monitor agrobiodiversity, food security, and the links between them?

  2. What and whose values and practices are recognized when we work to understand agrobiodiversity and food security?

  3. How can this understanding be used for policy insights and accountability?

Exploration of these questions will facilitate the development of novel research approaches that can help build sustainable, biodiverse, and food secure agricultural landscapes and systems.

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